Connecting the printer and the smart device directly (Wi-Fi Direct)

1  While holding down the [Wi-Fi] button, press the [Network Status] button until the light and the light flash alternately.

2  Wait until the process ends.

When a connection is established, the light turns on.

3  Load papers.

4  Hold down the [Network Status] button on the printer’s control panel for at least 7 seconds.

The network status sheet is printed.
If you release the button within 7 seconds, a network connection report is printed. Note that the SSID and Password for Wi-Fi Direct (Simple AP) are not printed on this report.

5  Check the SSID and password printed on the network status sheet. On the computer’s network connection screen, select the SSID shown on the network status sheet to connect.

6  Enter the password printed on the network status sheet.

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  • When a message is displayed such as "no more smart devices can be connected" on the printer's screen

The maximum number of devices that can connect to the printer simultaneously has been exceeded. Disconnect one of the connected Wi-Fi devices.