Recipe Cards with Photos

If you take photos of your own homemade dishes, dishes you want to try making, or dishes you want to reference for plating and decoration, you can print them on card size paper and write the recipes on the back to make your own original recipe cards!
Putting them on a ring will make them easier to take out and flip through when you want to check them. How about trying a new way to make your everyday cooking more effective and enjoyable? When you're stuck on "what should I make for dinner tonight?" or "what should I put in my lunch box", just grab your cards for some inspiration! Since they are cards, they are easy to choose together as a family.

You will need...


  • Smaller size photo paper


  • Paper punch
  • Card ring

How to

First, take a photo of the dish.
Print the photo using the "Epson Creative Print" or "Epson iPrint" smartphone apps.
If you are printing the photo to cover the entire surface, write the recipe on the back side. If you are only printing the photo on the upper half, it's OK to write the recipe on the lower half.
After printing it out, punch a hole in the card with the paper punch and put the card on the card ring. Now you can check the recipes easily by flipping through them.
While cooking, you can fasten the individual cards with a magnet or card stand so that you can consult them without worrying about wet hands.
Separate them by cuisine: Japanese, Italian, Chinese. . .
For added convenience, separate them by category such as main dishes, side dishes, soups, etc., so that they're easier to find and use.
Let's take photos of the lunch boxes we make to create some "lunch box cards"!
It's certainly difficult to come up with a menu for a lunch box every day. Remove the confusion by choosing a week's worth of menus from your recipe cards. Now you can just choose from your cards when faced with the question "what kind of lunch box would be good tomorrow?".
Your children may enjoy receiving it in the future as a "collection of family lunch boxes"!
When making an elaborate lunch box, such as a character bento, you may have to refer to the instructions often using a smartphone or other method. This can be hard to do when your hands are wet or full.
A recipe printed on a card can be fixed to a location that's easy to see using a magnet or other method, making it very convenient.
Hanging from string as an interior design element, too!?
How about taking photos of all the delicious food you ate at a travel destination and putting them on cards. Then. . .
put those cards on a corkboard to create a charming display. Decorate with a record of your "delicious memories" from your summer travels.
You can also decorate your cards with your own homemade sweets to create "sweets cards".
Print them the size of business cards to use as tags for gift wrapping or as message cards to make a stylish impression!

Install the app and fire it up!

For printing photos

You can print photos easily using the smartphone app "Epson iPrint".

Epson iPrint

You can download the app from the App Store by Apple Inc. or from Google Play by Google Inc.

For printing design paper and photo collages

Epson Creative Print

You can download the app from the App Store by Apple Inc. or from Google Play by Google Inc.

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