Make a Zine! Part 2

Following up on Part 1, this time we'll show you how to make a zine using items around the house.
They're easy to make, even if you're just starting today, so try following along to make your own personal zine!

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Simple Zine Overview

Start by making a draft, then make copies for the number of zines you want to make, and collate and bind them.

Save the draft in its original unbound condition in case you want to make more copies later.

  • Finished size: A5 paper (148 X 210 mm)
  • Number of pages: 12 (the cover is a separate page)
  • Printing method: Home printer (one sided print)
  • Binding method: Staple binding (left binding)

You will need...

Draft Materials

  • Plain A4 paper 6 sheets
  • Content to be used, such as text, photos, illustrations, etc.

Zine Materials (for printing and binding) (* for 2 zines)

  • Body: Plain A4 paper 12 sheets (6 sheets x 2 zines)
  • Cover: Sturdy A4 paper ("Matte Paper Heavy Weight (Premium Presentation Paper Matte)" recommended) 2 sheets (1 sheet x 2 zines)
  • Stickers, masking tape, etc. (for collage)
  • Photo paper (for use when printing photos)


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler
  • Pencil
  • Stamps or other mark making implements


  1. Decide the content and page structure for your zine.
  2. Print a design paper pattern of your liking onto the 2 sheets of sturdy A4 paper for the covers.
  3. Gather together the materials you will use for your draft ahead of time. Be sure to print out any photos or other content that needs to be printed ahead of time as well.

Binding Method

We'll use the following method for binding our simple zine this time.

  1. Fold the paper in half so that the printed side (in yellow) becomes the outer surface, and then, with the fold arranged on the right side, layer the pieces in the order of the page numbers.
  2. Once the pages are layered neatly, staple the non-fold ends in two places to finish the job.
  1. The page order for the entire zine is shown in figure 3. Writing the page numbers on the edges of the paper ahead of time will save you some trouble.

How to

  1. Making the draft
    The draft for this zine will be made by writing the text by hand and cutting and attaching photos and other content.
    First, fold all six pieces of the plain A4 paper you will use to make the draft in half.
    Then, arrange the materials you prepared according to the structure and layout you thought of when preparing. Now is the time to write your text and attach your photos and other content.
The portion indicated with blue lines will be hidden when the zine is assembled, so be careful not to write any text or place any important content in this area.

(A) is an example of a single finished draft sheet.

Please note that with the method we are using to make this zine, the adjacent pages in the finished and bound zine (B) will be different from the draft (A).

  1. Copying the draft
    Once the draft is complete, make two copies of each page on the plain A4 paper you will make your zine out of using your printer's copy function.
You can change the number of copies you choose to make based on the number of zines you want to create.
  1. Binding
    Fold the printed copies in half so that the printed side becomes the outer surface, arrange the folds on the right side, and layer according to the page order. Once everything is arranged neatly, fold the cover in half, place the pages inside, and then bind everything together by stapling it in two places on the left side.
  2. Finishing the cover
    Write the title on your cover to finish your zine. You can add the title using stamps as shown in the example, or you can try any other method you prefer.


You can add some personality to your zine by including a strip of paper as a belly-band, or by cutting a hole in the cover to create a window!

Enjoying Your Finished Zine

When your zine is complete, try sharing it with lots of people!

How about giving it as a gift to friendly acquaintances, or sending it out as an alternative seasonal greeting? With a little work, you could even have it placed out for offering at a shop. We recommend attending a zine event or other type of event at a shop to build readership.

We hope you enjoy broadening your realm of communication and social circle through your zine!

Printing Design Paper

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