Palm-Sized Flip Album

An easy-to-give photo album that fits in the palm of your hand. How about making some to give to everyone who attended your party or went on a trip with you? We recommend giving one along with presents instead of a standard card or letter.
Use the Collage function of the "Epson Creative Print" smartphone application.

You will need...


  • A4 size paper suitable for double sided printing (we recommend Epson's "Double-sided Photo Quality Ink Jet Paper (Presentation Paper Matte Double-sided) ")
  • Design paper printed on a thick, A4 size paper (we recommend Epson's "Matte Paper Heavy Weight (Premium Presentation Paper Matte)")
  • Ribbons, stickers, etc.


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cutter
  • Cutting mat

Before you start

  • Make sure you have your design paper ready in advance.
  • Don’t forget, you can print design paper using the smartphone app "Epson Creative Print". If your model comes with a design paper option built in, you can print it straight from the printer.

How to

  1. Start by making the front cover and back cover. Cut a piece of design paper printed on A4 size paper into two squares with sides measuring 145 mm.
  1. Fold each of the corners to the inside as shown in the picture.
  2. Glue it on the inside to create a square with a bit of weight to it.
    Make two of these. They will be used for the front and back covers.
  1. Using the collage feature of the "Epson Creative Print" smartphone application, choose a six-photo layout with borders that has three photos on top and three photos on the bottom, and place some photos in it.
  1. Print it out. This will become the front.
  1. Following the same steps, print a total of four pictures on the back of this paper, placing two on the top and two on the bottom.
    To do this, arrange your photos leaving the upper right and lower left frames blank, and then print. Be sure to arrange the paper so that the front and back will have the same top and bottom after you print.
  1. Separate the top and bottom photos by cutting the paper in half across the middle, and then cut off the top and bottom borders.
  1. To make the two blank frames become the ends, connect the two strips of paper by gluing the edges together so that they overlap slightly.
    If necessary, reinforce the section that was glued together using tape or some other method.
  1. Fold it using an accordion fold so that the blank frames end up on the outside parts.
  2. Put some glue on the blank parts, and then attach them to the front and back covers that were made at the beginning.
  1. Tie on a ribbon, put on some stickers, and you're done!

—Style 1—

Decorate with an album stretched out for a charming interior.

—Style 2—

Using different collage layouts or rectangular shapes is OK too! Put it in an envelope and mail it off.

Creator of the samples above

Maika Kokubo

Craft Planner. Promotes sales of stationery and other varieties of products, as well as creating craft instructions for books and websites.
Organizes small art classes called "Otona no zuga kosaku" (art lessons for adults), as well as a number of large workshop events at commercial facilities making use of her experiences of working at a theme park for kids. Provides instructions and an experience that everyone can enjoy.
An organizer for the Monozukuri project "Kufunotamago".

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