Instagrammable Photo Hints

Who hasn't thought that they wanted to take an Instagram-worthy photo of an accessory, treat, or dish that they made, or even just something that caught their eye? Take beautiful photos by simply laying out a design paper background!
Using combinations of different patterns of design paper, matching design paper to small items—here are some tricks for snapping that stylish photo!

Match colors and patterns to accessories

Try choosing a design paper to match the color or atmosphere of the accessory and laying it out as a background.

Think about how important it is to have a photo that charms the viewer when selling original accessories on the internet! Selecting a pattern of a color similar to the accessory creates a sense of harmony for a chic finish. We recommend choosing modest patterns for bigger accessories, and patterns that are a little bold for delicate accessories.

Even in a sea of photos, these are sure to be eye-catching!

Stage your sweets

Setting out a background of design paper makes for a photogenic presentation of sweets.

Try choosing a pattern to match the color of the sweets. Choosing a cute pattern with curves or dots in a warm color creates a gentle and inviting impression.

Coordinate in monotone

Unifying colors is another trick. Combine items in a monotone theme such as "black/white/silver/gray." Your selection of design paper should be monotone too, of course.

Linear patterns communicate cool chic. Combining two different patterns of design paper is also cute.

Recommended items: marble-style boards, silver or black leather trays, etc.

Colorful, healthy plates

Try matching the colorful vegetables on your plate with a selection of design paper in vivacious colors like yellow, red, and bright green!

Even in bright colors, patterns of fine stripes or lines will play a strong supportive role without stealing the show.

Recommended items: wood boards, vegetables, etc.

Make your break time photogenic

A casual, everyday break time. Laying out some design paper will take your ordinary table and give it a photo-worthy ambiance in no time.
A half-eaten snack and a scarf left tossed on the table make perfect accents just as they are!

Choose simple design paper in modest colors to convey an atmosphere of calm relaxation.

Recommended items: books, glasses, scarves, watches, etc.

Home party luncheon mats

Instead of luncheon mats, try setting out some design paper.

Stagger them as in the picture to create an eye-catching sense of motion that will set your photos apart.

Let's choose patterns that match the colors of the day's menu, or go with something seasonal!

Play with light and shadow

Try taking photos that make the best use of light and shadows.

Since light passes through bottles containing perfume or beverages and the like, they instantly imbue photos with a sense of refined style.
Challenge yourself by using the natural light provided by a sunny day!

We recommend a background design paper with a simple, faint pattern.

Accessories and glass containers

Try placing your accessories on a glass plate, acrylic board, or other clear item, and lay a background of design paper underneath.

Creating a coolly delicate ambiance will evoke the very image of the world of accessories.

Choose design paper with patterns that are a chic marriage of color and design to really bring out the life of your accessories!

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