Handmade Reward Medals

For when the kids do their best or help out with something. Give them these to show your recognition and appreciation. A small token full of love from the important people in their lives.

You will need...


  • A4 size design paper
  • Ribbon


  • Scissors or any other cutting instrument
  • cellotape

How to

1 Using the Epson Creative Print collage function, select "New" and then choose an appropriate frame from "Select Frame". Since you won't be using a photo, any frame is fine.
2 Tap the flower shaped icon in the upper right, and create your medal with the stamps of your choice. Enlarge the stamps to the appropriate size.
3 Choose a background from the frame icon in the lower left as a cute detail.
4 Now print. As printing paper, we recommend using fairly sturdy paper A4 or larger in size, such as "Photo Matte Paper" or "Double-Sided Photo Quality Inkjet Paper".
5 Once it's printed, cut the medals out with scissors.
6 Cut a ribbon to an appropriate length.
7 Attach the ribbon by taping both ends to the back of the medal.
8 Your handmade medals are ready to shine!

—Style 1—

Attach the ribbon in different shapes to create a rosette.

—Style 2—

Text can also be added to suit a variety of purposes and occasions.

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