New Patterns Available for Design Paper

We’ve added 60 new patterns to the available design paper on the smartphone app "Epson Creative Print". By incorporating trends from the world of fashion, interior, and textile, these new patterns are stylish and enjoyable!

See the World With Glorious Design Patterns!

The basic idea behind these new patterns is to "See the World With Glorious Design Patterns". We joined forces with a textile designer to create new patterns to give you a feel of other cultures and countries through Epson printers and apps.

Stylish design patterns incorporating the latest trends

1. Nordic patterns

We’ve added a bunch of popular patterns. "Nordic patterns" are a favorite with women and very popular, especially in the world of fashion and interior design. With plant and animal motifs, we’ve created a variety of patterns in "Nordic Colors" to brighten up dark rooms.
We recommend using this for stationary and interior design.

2. Botanical patterns

Botanical patterns and plant motifs aren’t just popular in the world of fashion, but they’re popular everywhere! So we’ve gone ahead and prepared patterns with small flowers in a variety of colors for all you petal-heads out there! You can use this for wrapping paper, message cards, letters, and envelopes to show someone special you really care.

3. Cafe style pattern

This stylish pattern incorporates the resent boom in "Brooklyn style" cafes. Handwritten illustrations bring to mind those blackboard menus outside cafes. A perfect match for your dining experience! Create some cool place mats or wrap up your homemade bread. You’ll feel just like you're at a cafe.

Fun designs that kids are sure to love.

4. Event patterns

You asked, and we answered! We’ve added patterns for seasonal events to get your creative juices flowing throughout the year! The childish handwriting gives it a warm, fun look. You’re sure to make the kids smile by using this to wrap snacks, make decorations, and create a variety of magical items.

5. Animal patterns

Cats, polar bears, seagulls, and...dinosaur?! We’ve added a bunch of patterns with animal motifs for kids to enjoy. These friendly animals will make the kids smile!

And there are plenty more stylish and useful patterns where they came from!

6. Other patterns

There are a so many patterns including ikat: a traditional Asian textile; cherry blossom, camellia, and Ichimatsu check, Japanese textile; checks, blocks, and polka dots. These handwritten patterns add a little warmth. Realistic materials such as: cloth, brick, cork, wood grain, craft paper. We’ve received a lot of requests for these! We’ve also added some existing patterns such as stripes and polka dots in slightly thinner, five-color variations.

With rich design patterns provided by Epson, you can decorate your lives!

Printing Design Paper

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