New Year's Decoration Craft

Hello. Greetings from Paper Play Factory Pepal. We create "paper play" in Hokkaido, Japan, and offer it to you so you can enjoy making it and decorating with it.
This time, we come to you with a Japanese Kadomatsu New Year's decoration paper craft kit that's easy to make. A Kadomatsu is a decoration made with bamboo and pine sprigs that is placed outside the home during the New Year's period. Just print out a downloaded kit, cut it out, and assemble it to make Kadomatsu decoration for the New Year's. With a color scheme of red, pink, purple, and grey, it's "New Year's-y" and a "colorful Pepal-y color combination."This New Year's decoration has a Japanese feel to it, but will still fit in with Western-style interiors.
Have fun making it and decorating your room together with the kids.

You will need...


  • Printed out paper craft kit (we recommend a heavy weight paper such as "Matte Paper Heavy Weight (Premium Presentation Paper Matte)")

Download here  »

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  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • An item with a pointed tip, such as a toothpick or ballpoint pen that has run out of ink (for use making folding lines)
  • glue (We recommend something fast-drying for paper or wood crafts)
  • Red thread (other colors are also OK)
  • Pen (For use putting curls in the paper)

Before you start

  1. Print the paper craft kit with your printer.
  2. Trace folding lines in the paper using the toothpick or ball point pen that has run out of ink, and make strong folds.
  3. Cut out the parts following the cut-out lines.

How to

  1. Fold and assemble A, B1, and B2 along the folding lines, and attach them to C.
  1. Attach the Mt. Fuji shape D to the assembly you made in step 1.
  1. This completes the stand.
  1. Wrap E1 through 3 around the pen, and then roll them up to make tube shapes.
  2. After making them, attach the three tube shapes to each other. This creates the bamboo.
  1. Fold F with alternating mountain and valley folds.
  2. Fold it in two in the middle, glue the ★ part together, and fan it out.
  1. Wrap G around the bamboo you made in step 4, attach it so that the ★ marks come to the front, and glue H1 and H2 to the ★ marks at an angle.
  1. Over those, attach the fan F that you made in step 6. This completes the Kadomatsu.
  1. Attach I and the Kadomatsu made in step 8 to the stand made in step 2.
  1. Refer to the picture of the completed item for the attachment positions.
  1. Mayu-dama are decorative rice cakes made to look like cocoons that are strung from branches or twigs to wish for a good harvest. Make the Mayu-dama balls. Make folds in the middle of all six pieces from row J1, from J1-1 to J1-6. Glue them together in order, leaving the final section unattached in order to insert the thread.
  1. Make J2 to K8 in the same way.
  1. Attach the end of the thread to J1 with glue, and then glue the flaps together to close the mayu-dama balls. Fix the other mayu-dama balls, from J2 to J8, to the string in the same way, making sure to leave an appropriate amount of space between them.
  1. Prepare K1 to K8 in the same way and attach them to another thread to complete your mayu-dama balls.
  1. Hang them using a twig or something else suitable and place them next to the Kadomatsu as a decoration. You can adjust the length of the thread and number of mayu-dama balls however you like.

Creator of the samples above

Creator: Paper Play Factory Pepal

A paper play planner. Active in Tokachi-Hokkaido, Japan.

Paper Play Factory Pepal's creator has work experience ranging from drawing blueprints for a home construction company, to product planning for a candy maker. The skills learned in these areas, the creativity to assemble things and the enjoyment of objects, along with a good imagination, to make "paper play" that is fun enough that children and grown-ups alike will want to build with it.

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