Paper Jewelry Decorations

My name is Kayo Saito. I am a jewelry designer based in the UK. My works are presented in Europe, the USA, and Japan.
Christmas is an important time of the year for family in the UK. People decorate all over the house with lovely, Christmassy items to enjoy the season together. Today, I would like to present some simple yet widely used paper decorations for your house. You can enjoy making them not only for Christmas, but for other occasions as well, by changing the combination of paper patterns and colours.

You will need...


  • A4 or letter size printed design paper


  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Cellophane tape

Before you start

  • Make sure you have your design paper ready in advance.
  • Make sure you have your design paper ready in advance.

How to

Pom Flower

Imagine a flower with a beautiful curve. The three-dimensional appearance of the rounded surface is the key point to making a Pom Flower beautifully.

  1. Fold the design paper into four and then three, as shown by the dotted line in the picture, which will become a 12-sectioned crease.
  1. In those 12 squares, draw a flower shape with four rounded corners using a pencil as showed in the picture. When making many Pom Flowers, it is easier to make a stencil out of cardboard and trace around it.
  1. Cut out the flowers with scissors.
  1. Make a cut to the middle. Overlap the cut parts. Do this so that the patterned side of the paper is on the inside.
  1. Fasten it with cellophane tape on the outside of the flower (the blue frame in the picture), and your Pom Flower is complete!


A “snowflake” is made by simply folding a square piece of paper into a triangle and then cutting into it. Spread the paper gently after cutting it, and you can express the delicacy of the snowflake.

  1. Fold the design paper in three and then in four, and then cut into the folds.
  1. Fold the separated design paper in half twice.
  1. Fold it in half along the diagonal.
  2. Cut into an arc as shown in the picture.
  1. Cut the two places on the left and right as shown in the picture.
  1. When opened, your snowflake is complete!
Decorate a window sill, table, or shelf by placing the flowers as appropriate.


You can also use the flowers to decorate a birthday cake, or just scatter them around on a table or ornamental plate. The flowers go very well with other decorations, especially if you make them with different patterns and colours.
You can also combine them with eucalyptus plants, which are often seen during the Christmas season, or poinsettia, which is a Christmas flower.
By threading them together you can hang them as a garland.

Creator of the samples above

Kayo Saito

Jewelry designer. After finishing her Master of Arts at the Royal College of Art in London, she now presents her works in the UK, Europe, the United States, and Japan. She has won several jewellery prizes like the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust Award and Goldsmiths' Fair Best Design Award. She was shortlisted for the UK's Art Foundation Awards in 2010.

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