Poinsettia Decorations

Hi, I'm Shiho Masuda, a gift-wrapping designer. I'm based in Hawaii, but I'm also active in New York and other places.
Christmas is one of my favorite seasons. The streets are decorated with illuminations, with lights sparkling in colors of red, green, gold, and silver. Just looking at these sights makes me very excited.
Poinsettias are also known as the “Christmas Star” in the United States, and are an important plant at this time of the year. Poinsettias are used as wrapping decorations and stores sell sticks and clips that are designed to represent them. Ordinary wrapping becomes gorgeous when topped with a poinsettia. Today, I will be making some poinsettia decorations that can be easily made using the paper of your choice. They can be easily attached to anything to create a gorgeous wrapping. Let's give it a try!
Note: The red parts of the poinsettias are actually leaves, not flowers, and what visually appear to be the pistils are in fact the flowers. For the sake of easy understanding, we will be calling the red parts “flowers” and the inner bits “pistils” in this article.

You will need...


  • 2 sheets of design paper (different patterns printed on A4 or letter size paper)


  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape

Before you start

  • Make sure you have your design paper ready in advance.
  • Make sure you have your design paper ready in advance.

How to

  1. Fold the design paper as shown in the picture and cut to make a large square. Cut a small square from the remaining rectangle.
  1. Fold the large square diagonally into a triangle.
  1. Fold up the right and left corners diagonally, so that each section is at an even angle from the center (60 degrees each).
  1. Cut out a petal shape as shown in the picture.
  1. When opened, it should be in a shape of a poinsettia flower. Make a valley fold on each of the petals and crease for a more realistic look.
  1. Now you have a three-dimensional six-petaled poinsettia flower.
    Follow steps 1 to 5 to create another one using design paper with a different pattern.
  1. To make the poinsettia’s pistil, fold the small square piece into half.
  1. Using a pair of scissors, make fine cuts on the non-folded side.
  1. Open the folded piece of paper, and then roll it into a tube with the patterned side facing the inside so that the edges with the cuts are at the ends. Tape it together by using double-sided tape on the blue part shown in the picture. This will be the pistil.
  1. Make a hole in the center of the poinsettia flowers. Fold up the flowers and cut off a small portion of the corner with scissors.
  1. If done correctly, there will be a small hole in the center of each of the two poinsettias.
  1. Pass the pistil through the hole in the middle.
  1. Do the same for the other flower, and arrange the flowers so that the petals alternate appropriately. Spread both ends of the pistil and you will have a poinsettia flower decoration!


If you make a paper box and make a hole in the center of the lid, you can attach the poinsettia decoration by passing the pistil through the lid to create a nice gift box. Here is how to make a paper box.

A Handy Paper Box with Cover »

Try experimenting with design paper with different patterns, changing the size of the petals and pistils, or changing the length of the pistils. Making leaves out of green-based design paper could be fun too! Look at how pleasing it looks stuck on a greeting card.

They’re good for table coordination too.

Creator of the samples above

Shiho Masuda

Gift wrapping designer living in Hawaii. Besides Hawaii, she is active in other places such as New York and Japan. She offers online courses on gift wrapping and has many students from all over the world. Her YouTube and Instagram accounts are also very popular.

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