Halloween Cup 2 Witch Cup

Hi, I'm Shiho Masuda, a gift wrapping designer living in Hawaii. This time I'm going to show you how to make a "Witch Cup" as a continuation from the Halloween "Pumpkin Cup."

Click here for Halloween Cup 1 Pumpkin Cup »

You will need...


  • Design paper (choose patterns suitable for Halloween)
  • Paper cups
  • Paper napkins
  • Candy and other sweets


  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Pencil
  • Black pen
  • Masking tape
  • Cutter
  • Chopsticks or other long, slender sticks

Before you start

  • Make sure you have your design paper ready in advance.
  • Make sure you have your design paper ready in advance.

How to

This is a slightly advanced version of the Pumpkin Cup. Let's make a Witch Cup wearing a hat and holding a broom.
  1. Follow the directions for the Pumpkin Cup up to step 6, but this time make a cup with a witch's face and no handle.
  2. Click here for Halloween Cup 1 Pumpkin Cup »
  1. Let's cut out 2 circles from design paper to make the witch's hat. One circle should be slightly larger than the Witch Cup, and the other circle should be about twice the diameter of it. I recommend tracing a plate for the larger circle.
  1. Cut the bigger circle in half. Attach double-sided tape to the cut part of one half (blue area in the photo), and roll the whole shape to attach it and make a conical pointed hat.
  1. Attach the masking tape of your liking to make a hat band.
  2. Cut a piece of paper as shown in the picture to make a square buckle, and attach it to the hat band.
  1. Cut two small rectangular pieces of paper, and attach double-sided tape to the back of them.
  2. Using the rectangular pieces of paper, attach the cone to the smaller circle to make the hat.
  1. Use the same patterned paper as the Witch Cup, and cut out hand shapes as shown in the picture. Cut a cross in the middle of the hands to make holes to pass the broomstick through.
  2. Attach the hands to the cup with double-sided tape.
  1. Now let's make the brush of the broom. Cut the design paper into a rectangle of an appropriate size, and make many fine cuts on one of the long sides.
  2. Attach double-sided tape to the back of the side without cuts (blue area in the picture).
  1. Cut some design paper into a rectangle slightly longer than the diameter of the paper cup, and wrap it around a chopstick or other long, slender stick to make a cylinder. This will be the broomstick.
  1. Wrap the brush part around the broom stick, and spread the strips out with your finger to shape it.
  1. Pass the broomstick through the holes in the hands.
Put candies or snacks inside, place the hat on as a lid and it's done!
Try making a variety cups using your favorite patterns or facial expressions.

Creator of the samples above

Shiho Masuda

Gift wrapping designer living in Hawaii. Besides Hawaii, she is active in other places such as New York and Japan. She offers online courses on gift wrapping and has many students from all over the world. Her YouTube and Instagram accounts are also very popular.

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