Bursting Kusudama Garland

Pop it open and a garland comes bursting forth! This is a dynamic and cheerful Japanese Kusudama. After opening, use it as a garland to decorate the room. Feel free to include anything else you like inside with the garland. Enjoy the anticipation of waiting to see what pops out! This is the perfect item for any event or party.

Bursting Kusudama garland video

You will need...


  • (When making one with an overall width of about 70 cm)
  • Design paper printed on A4 size paper 1 piece
  • Push pins 2 pieces
  • Garland to be placed inside (about 60 cm long)
  • Make this with materials such as design paper or ribbon to meet your purpose or preference.

    Paper Garland to Decorate Your Room »

  • Cord A (about 1 m 40 cm) 1 piece
  • We recommend using a cord that won't catch the eye, such as kite string or clear fishing line.

  • Cord B (about 1 m) 2 pieces


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Adhesive tape

Before you start

  • Make sure you have your design paper ready in advance.
  • Don’t forget, you can print design paper using the smartphone app "Epson Creative Print". If your model comes with a design paper option built in, you can print it straight from the printer.

How to


Make a box

Cut the design paper in half and fold the pieces to assemble a box.

For assembly instructions, follow the steps for "A Handy Paper Box with Cover" up to step 7 from.

A Handy Paper Box with Cover »


Reinforce the box

Open up the sides, apply glue to the sections marked in blue in the picture, and seal them closed to reinforce the box so that it won't come unfolded.


Thread Cord A through the box to make a circle

Make a hole in the center of the bottom of the box, thread Cord A through the hole, and tie both ends of the cord together to make a ring (as shown in the red circle).

(An eye-catching cord is used in the picture to make it easy to see.)

Use a push pin or similar item to make the holes while being careful not to injure yourself.


Thread Cord B through and fix it to the box

Thread one of the pieces of Cord B (the red cord in the picture) through the same hole, make a knot in the end of the cord and fix it to the inside of the box with tape (area indicated with an arrow).

Attach the other piece of Cord B to the other box in the same way.


Insert and fix the garland

Attach the garland that you prepared ahead of time to the inside of both boxes using tape.


Put the boxes together

Align the white flaps on the boxes so that they alternate, and put the boxes together. Fold the garland together and put it inside the box.

Be sure to check which box is the right side and which is the left side so that the garland will spread out facing the proper direction when the Kusudama is opened.

Cut some design paper into small triangles or squares and place them inside as confetti to drift down when the Kusudama is opened.


Your Kusudama is finished!

The Kusudama should be assembled so that the ring (striped cord) is threaded through the middle of the Kusudama, and the cords on the left and right sides for pulling the box open are sticking out of the box as shown in the picture.


Attach the Kusudama to the wall

Stick two push pins in the wall at the same height with a space of about 70 cm between them as shown in the picture. Be sure to push them into the wall firmly so that they will not come out. Once they have been pushed in, hang Cord A which was made into a ring on both of the push pins.

Be sure to hang Cord A on the push pins so that it is as taut as possible. It may be a good idea to adjust the position of the push pins after hooking the cord on them.


Adjust the position of the Kusudama so that it is in the center, and it's ready to be opened!

Once you have adjusted the position of the Kusudama so that it is in the center, and hung the left and right pieces of Cord B over the tops of the push pins, you're work is done!

Pull on the left and right pieces of Cord B to open the Kusudama.

Be careful when pulling the cords. If you pull on the cords with too much force, or if you pull the cords forward instead of to the side, the push pins may come out of the wall.

—Style 1—

You can also make a Kusudama with paper plates or other items you have at home.

It might also be fun to use small crafting pom-poms instead of confetti. Attach some ribbons or other decorations to the garland to make it even more cheerful!

—Style 2—

A Kusudama can also be made using paper cups. We recommend wrapping some design paper around them to make them more attractive.

Having cut-out drawings come out of the Kusudama, such as the Halloween characters in the picture, will add a fun element of surprise!

Temporarily close the Kusudama with tape or some other method so that it doesn't come open. However, be careful because if it is closed too tightly it will be difficult to open.

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