Saddle Stitched, Multi-Purpose, Mini Notebook

Fill it with notes or cover it with stickers! We’ll show you how to use a printer to make a mini notebook.
You’re going to love writing in your handmade notebook!

You will need...


< For two A6 size notebooks, with plain white paper inside, with 40 pages >
  • Inner pages: Ten sheets of A4 size plain paper
  • Cover pages: One sheet of A4 size design paper
  • *It’s better to use thicker paper than inner sheets.


  • Cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Stapler (that can be opened up 180 degrees)
  • Two bulldog clips (or binder clips)
  • Eraser

Before you start

  • Make sure you have your design paper ready.
  • If you prefer a lined notebook, print lined pages in advance.
  • You can print design paper from your printer. You can print more design patterns using the "Epson Creative Print" app.

How to

1 Cut in half all the cover and inner sheets, and then fold them in half.
Fold the inner sheets firmly for a beautiful finish.
2 Make two blocks with 10 sheets in each.
3 Place the block for inner pages inside the cover sheet.
Make sure the center fold doesn’t slip out of alignment.
After aligning the sheets, unfold it and clip it at the top and the bottom to make sure the edges are secure.
When you clip it, make sure the sheets are open perfectly.
4 You are going to staple an upper part and a lower part along with the center fold.
Place the eraser under the sheets of paper where you will staple, open the stapler 180 degrees, and then staple at the fold.
Make sure you staple the sheets of paper to the eraser.
5 Flip the sheets over, remove the eraser, and then bend the prongs of the staple.
Do the same to the top and bottom staples.
6 Remove the clips and fold the sheets firmly. You’ll see some paper sticking out of the cover. Trim this part with a cutter.
Don't try to go through all the pages at once, take it really slowly, don't press on it too hard. It'd be better to cut few pages at a time until all of the pages come off.
7 Done!

—Style 1—

Wouldn’t it be nice to have different lined inner pages for different uses?

—Style 2—

Go wild decorating the covers with labels and photos!

—Style 3—

Handmade notebooks are the perfect present for your handmade gift tags!

Install the app and fire it up!

For printing design paper and lined paper

Epson Creative Print

You can download the app from the App Store by Apple Inc. or from Google Play by Google Inc.

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