My Favorite Design Paper

A very useful function has just been added to the updated version of the "Epson Creative Print" smartphone app! This function allows you to arrange design paper patterns to your liking. Now you can put your already easy-to-use design paper to even more uses!

Make it bigger, make it smaller

It is now possible to enlarge or shrink design paper patterns. On the left side of the picture is the original size of the pattern. In the upper right is an enlarged version, and in the lower right is a shrunk down version. The sizes can be changed and printed just like that.
For basic purposes like wrapping, try using smaller patterns for small items and bigger patterns for big items.

We recommend enlarging patterns when you want to increase the impact of their character, and shrinking patterns when you want to reduce the impact.

Of course, you can use this function in any way you like!

Expand your options with lighter patterns

It is also possible to lighten patterns. Try lightening a pattern when you want to lessen its impact. Lightening up the pattern will make it easier when you want to write a message on the design paper, too.

On the left side of the picture is the original pattern, in the middle it is slightly lightened, and on the right is a fairly lightened version.

Change the orientation from vertical to horizontal at will

Patterns can now be rotated 90 degrees. Use the different orientations to match your needs.

Try an alternating arrangement for a different look

Insert some spaces into patterns.
You might even want to write messages in the white space.

Create original patterns with your photos

Now you can make your own original patterns using the photos you have on hand!

The trick is to use a photo or illustration with a simple composition and enlarge or shrink it.

Also for use as a background for collage printing

The patterns you make can also be used as backgrounds for collage printing.

Making your pattern lighter and finer, as in the picture, might make it easier to use as a background.


Wrapping, book covers, and beyond—adjust the size of the pattern to suit the size of the item to be wrapped.

We tried lightening the same pattern and making a letter set.
The message card on the lower left is only slightly lightened, while the writing paper on the right is lightened to a fair degree.

Getting More Bang From the App!

You can choose from 164 pre-installed design paper patterns using the app for smart devices.

Epson Creative Print

You can download the app from the App Store by Apple Inc. or from Google Play by Google Inc.

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