Paper Garland to Decorate Your Room

Paper garland is a popular way to decorate rooms. Simply hanging on the wall or from the ceiling gives your room a touch of class. Not just for parties and other special occasions, you can decorate your room daily and give your self a taste of the high life!
With design paper, you can easily make beautiful garlands. The beauty of paper garlands is that you can enjoy a variety of different decorations by just changing how you fold the paper. Go on! It's worth a try!

You will need...


  • Two sheets of A4 size design paper (different design patterns)
  • Thread


  • Scissors
  • Glue, double-sided tape, or adhesive tabs
Adhesive, Scissors : KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.

Before you start

  • Make sure you have your design paper ready in advance.
  • You can print design paper from your printer. You can print more design patterns using the "Epson Creative Print" app.

How to

1 Fold a sheet of design paper horizontally and vertically to divide the paper into 8 squares.
2 Cut the paper into 4 pieces along the vertical folded lines.
3 Do the same for the other sheet of design paper.
4 Fold each piece in half and cut a triangle.
5 Do the same for all the other pieces.
Now you have 8 pieces of folded triangles.
6 Next, we're going to attach the triangles to the thread.
Unfold a triangle, place the thread along the folded line, put some glue or adhesive tape as shown on the image, and then fold the paper again.
7 Attach each design pattern in turn.
How much of a gap you leave between triangles is up to you.
8 Attach all 8 triangles, and your garland is ready to bring your room to life!

—Style 1—

Try different shapes

It's nice to have different shapes in various design patterns.

—Style 2—

Some more ideas

You can make a miniature garland using design patterns.
Remember, you don't just have to hang them from walls, try decorating frames, windows, anything you like!

Install the app and fire it up!

Printing design paper

Epson Creative Print

You can download the app from the App Store by Apple Inc. or from Google Play by Google Inc.

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