Swaying Hanging Dolls

March 3rd is Girls' Day in Japan, also known as the Doll Festival. Hope for the happy growth and development of girls is expressed by displaying dolls. Why not make this year special by making a delightful "Hanging Dolls" decoration with some cherished photos?

You will need...

- Materials: -

  • 1. Design Paper (pattern of your liking)
    For the base…printed on plain paper (A4 size, 2pcs.)
    For Princess and Prince…printed on matte photo paper (A4 size, 2pcs.)
  • 2. Cardboard tube (from aluminum foil box, etc. about 20cm, x 2)
  • 3. Photo paper (postcard size, 2pcs.)
  • 4. Bells (x4)
  • 5. Yarn (medium weight, 80cm)
  • 6. Crafting pom poms (small, x10)
  • 7. String (heavy, 50cm, x4)
  • Additionally, prepare some colored paper or other items of your choosing that you'd like to decorate with.

- Tools -

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Awl
  • Needle (long, about 9cm)
  • Masking tape
  • Pen

- Before you start -

  • Make sure you have your design paper ready in advance.
  • Don't forget, you can print design paper using the smartphone app "Epson Creative Print".
     You can also print from the printer control panel.

How to

1 Making the decorative parts (photo parts).
Using the smartphone app "Epson Creative Print" collage printing function, print a collage with 6 images on photo paper (postcard size), and cut them out.
This should make 2 sets.
Try putting them on a colorful or patterned background for a brilliant touch!
2 Making the decorative parts (Princess and Prince).
*All decorative parts are made in pairs of 2 each.
①Prepare 3pcs. of square cut design paper, measuring 5cm-by-5cm, for both the Princess and the Prince.
②Arrange them to overlap, and glue them together.
③Once the faces are drawn, they're finished.

★Decorative parts reference examples
A…Paper lanterns(Refer to " Paper Mobile " article.)
B…Circles, squares, or any other simple shapes will do the trick!
C...Glue together 5 circular shapes to make a plum blossom.
D・E...a lucky fan shape.
3 Assembling the cardboard tube and string.
①Tape the 2 cardboard tubes together end-to-end, so they reach a length of about 40cm, and then wrap design paper around them and glue it together.
②Mark the tube at 4 evenly spaced points.
③With the awl, punch holes in the tube for running string through. Be sure to punch all the way through the opposite side of the tube.
④Thread the string through the punched holes. The trick here is to thread the string through the smaller hole.
4 ⑤To keep the thread from slipping through the hole, knot the end opposite the needle with about 3 stopper knots.
⑥Glue a small piece of design paper over the knotted end to cover it.
⑦⑧Using the needle, thread the crafting pom poms.
Do the same with the three remaining strings.
5 ⑨Once the pom poms are threaded, the 4 strings are finished.
⑩Pass the yarn for hanging the decoration through the core of the tube.
⑪Cut the remaining design paper into 4 10cm-by-10cm square sheets, fold them in half, and then cut them into triangles.
⑫Thread the bells onto the strings threaded with the pom poms, apply glue to the design paper on the area indicated in blue, and attach them to the string. Do the same for all 4 of the strings.
4 Attach the decorative parts that were prepared in pairs by gluing them together with the string sandwiched between them.
Adjust the length of the yarn for hanging the decoration to the place you want to put your hanging dolls, tie a bow, and you're done!


If you make it with a combination of colored paper, your hanging dolls will give an even more charming impression.
Traditional hanging doll decorations each have their own special meaning. Try making some of these other examples of traditional decorative parts!

・Lucky Hammer…symbolizes fulfillment of desires and good fortune
・Red Sea Bream…symbolizes a life full of happy events through a play on the Japanese word for sea bream, "tai", and a term of celebration, "medetai"
・Mandarin Oranges on the right (fan)...an amulet in hopes of perennial youth and longevity
・Cherry Blossoms on the left (fan)...an amulet warding of evil
・Purse...represents a wish for a life full of happiness
・Turtle...represents a wish for longevity and good health

Printing Design Paper

You can choose from 20 pre-installed design paper patterns on the printer.

Install the app and fire it up!

For printing design paper and photo collages

Epson Creative Print

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