Photo Gift Bag: Share Your Memories

Make your own handmade gift bag covered in photos from your trip. Drop a little souvenir into the bag and share your memories with friends and family.

You will need...

- Materials: -

  • A4 size plain paper with borderless photos in a landscape orientation

- Tools -

  • Glue
  • Ruler

- Before you start -

  • - Print your favorite photos in landscape orientation.

How to

Here we'll show you how to make a paper bag with a 5 cm base using A4 size plain paper.

1 Valley fold along the dotted line on the image.
Apply glue about 2.5 cm from the edge, and fold it to stick it in place.
Valley fold about 2.5 cm from the right and left sides and make creases.
2 Unfold both sides and fold them inward as shown in the image.
After adjusting the folds on both sides, fold 5 cm from the bottom and make a firm crease.
3 Smooth out the creases to flatten the bottom.
Make a firm crease at the short edge of the bottom (red lines on the photo on the left), and fold it inward to make the shape shown on the photo on the right.
Make sure the creases on the long edges (red lines on the photo on the right) align so that the bottom is nicely-finished.
4 Apply glue to the triangle part at the bottom, fold one to the other, stick them, and there you have it! Your bag is complete.
5 You can create a huge variety of bags using different paper sizes and different base sizes. Try various patterns to suit your needs!
(values are approximate)
A4 size, 6 cm base (height 15 cm × width 7.5 cm)
A4 size, 5 cm base (height 16 cm × width 8.5 cm)
A3 size, 8 cm base (height 21.5 cm × width 11 cm)
A3 size, 6 cm base (height 23.5 cm × width 13 cm)

—Style 1—

Print your favorite photo on a card and stick it to the bag!

—Style 2—

Wrapping your bag with a strip of design paper or attaching stickers really spices it up!

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