Summer Shaker Card

A delightful little card full of sequins and beads that move around as you shake it. If you choose a summer theme, you can use it as a summer greeting card.

You will need...

- Materials: -

  • Postcard size design paper
  • Postcard size white paper
  • A piece of plastic bag such as OPP
  • Sequins and beads
  • Masking tape

- Tools -

  • Cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors or any other cutting instrument
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Scotch tape
  • Double-sided tape

- Before you start -

  • Speak to your local post office about postage and how to send your sparkly summer treat.
  • You need a cutter for this. Always make sure small children are properly supervised when using a cutter.
  • Make sure you have your design paper ready.
  • Don’t forget, you can print design paper using the smartphone app "Epson Creative Print".

How to

1 Draw a cup on a white postcard with a pen, cut the inside of the cup leaving the line.
2 Flip it over, align the bottom of the cup and the piece of plastic bag, and then cut the plastic bag a little larger than the cup.
3 Fill the plastic bag with sparkly delights such as sequins, and then tape the open end shut with scotch tape.
Make sure that there is a little bit of air inside so that the sequins can move around.
4 Apply scotch tape to the top edge of the plastic bag and attach it to the paper so that it covers the cup.
5 Apply double-sided tape to the diagonal marked area around the postcard size design paper as shown in the image.
6 Attach two pieces of postcard size paper together so that you can see the design pattern through the window. Attach a little masking tape as a straw and it's complete!

—Style 1—

You can make your own shaker cards by arranging the materials and how you create it in your own unique way!
For example, changing the shape of the window and attaching stickers for decoration.
Or use your favorite photo instead of design paper! Photos from some fun in the summer time would work nicely!

Creator of the samples above

Maika Kokubo

Craft Planner. Promotes sales of stationery and other varieties of products, as well as creating craft instructions for books and websites.
Organizes small art classes called "Otona no zuga kosaku" (art lessons for adults), as well as a number of large workshop events at commercial facilities making use of her experiences of working at a theme park for kids. Provides instructions and an experience that everyone can enjoy.
An organizer for the Monozukuri project "Kufunotamago".

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