Paper Box with Cover Advanced: Gift Wrapping

Here we'll show you how to wrap your “Handy Paper Box with Cover”.
It's so simple, but it’ll make your box look so fancy!
Make your gift the best it can be!

You will need...


< For three paper boxes with covers >
  • Three paper boxes with covers
  • One sheet of A4 size design paper
  • *Wrapping is tougher when it's thicker.
  • Thread or ribbon (whichever you fancy!)
  • Optional
  • Gift tags
  • Labels


  • Cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • Glue, double-sided tape, or adhesive tabs
  • Paper punch
  • Scissors or any other cutting instrument

Before you start

  • Make sure you have your design paper ready.
  • Don’t forget, you can print design paper using the smartphone app "Epson Creative Print".
  • Make three of the lovely boxes we showed you in the "Handy Paper Box with Cover" post.
  • [Materials for boxes] Three sheets of A4 size design paper
  • *Cut the A4 paper in half. Make boxes and covers using A5 size paper (half-size boxes).
  • Here's how to make the boxes »

How to

1 Cut the design paper in half vertically.
2 Add glue to one short edge of a sheet, and make one long strip of paper.
(The photo below shows you how it should look)
3 Make creases to fit the edges of the boxes.
(A) Width of a box: approx. 8 cm
(B) Height of three boxes: approx. 11.5 cm
4 Wrap the long strip of paper around the three boxes and pinch it at the top.
Make sure that the ends of the strip meet in the middle of the box.
We're going to need about 4 cm from the top of the box. Cut off the rest of the strip.
5 Fold about 2 cm from the top, crease well, and then punch two holes.
6 Pass a thread or a ribbon through the holes and tie it.
If you want to add a gift tag, pass it through the gift tag now!
7 Well done! You’re all wrapped up!

Try various color and pattern combinations!

Install the app and fire it up!

Printing design paper

Epson Creative Print

You can download the app from the App Store by Apple Inc. or from Google Play by Google Inc.

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