2019 new year's card making!

To those who has been nice to you, to distant friends and relatives, make a heartwarming new year's card using smartphone app "スマホでカラリオ年賀2019" and PC application "Epson Photo+". Both application have new templates of 230 designs! You can choose smartphone or computer to make cards and print them right away! No need to order a shop to print. Depending on the person you send the card, select different design template and enjoy making cards!

230 design templates available!

We have 230 design templates of Japanese style, western style, photo style, seasons greetings, calendars, and so on. You will surely find your favorite ones.

Japanese, western style new year's card designs

Japanese style, western style, cool, pop, casual... You can choose from various types of design templates. Pick one of your favorite.

New year's card with photos

It is always nice to receive a card with your friends, family, and pets' photos. It is very easy to add photos in a card. Let's try it!

Greeting cards and calendars

In addition to various greeting cards, photo calendar design templates are added!

See the following web site for more details. »

Let's decollate with stamps!

You can decollate a new year's card with various stamps! And it is very easy to edit. Let's make your very own new year's card!

A template list is available!

You can print a list of template on A4 or A5 paper. It is useful when you choose which design to use!

An address list is also available!

You can print a list of address books. In addition to the name and address, you can see the sending/receiving record of new year's cards.
"Did I receive a card from him?" "Have I written to her already?" It is a common problem that happens while making cards. Let's make the most of the list and make it done quickly!

Let's make new year's cards with "スマホでカラリオ年賀2019" application on your smartphone.

You can make both address side and communication side of the new year's card on smartphone application.


You can download the app from the App Store by Apple Inc. or from Google Play by Google Inc.

Epson Photo+

Epson Photo+ is a computer application for Epson printer owners.

See the following web site for more details.

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