Season's greetings on app

The smartphone application "スマホでカラリオ年賀 2019" and the PC application "Epson Photo+" are capable of season's greetings and sympathy cards. And also they have many design templates for moving, marriage, calendars and so on.

Mourning notice

We have a tradition to send a mourning notice when unwilling thing happens. You can make a mourning notice easily with a smartphone application "スマホでカラリオ年賀 2019" and a PC application "Epson Photo+". There are various kind of templates. There are templates for sympathy cards as well.

Winter season's greetings, Nenshi cards

New year is over and yet haven't sent any new year's cards!!
Or, received cards from someone who you didn't send card to... In these cases, let's send a winter season's greeting card.
Winter season's greeting card is supposed to send during from the opening of Matsu no uchi to Risshun. (the exact day changes every year.)
You can use winter greeting cards as a sympathy card and many other ways.

Do you know about "Nenshi card"? This is a card without any new year's celebrational words. You can use this for sympathy cards, or send to people who had a tough year with natural disaster and so on. This card is an alternative of new year's card, so make sure to send within new year's day to Matsu no uchi (January 7).

Summer season's greetings and Christmas cards

Cool templates for summer season's greetings! And heartwarming templates for Christmas cards! Let's make a use of these in the season.

Moving notice

Let your friends know you moved! There are templates with and without photos.

Marriage, childbirth notice

Of course, there are templates for marriage and childbirth. You can add photos too.

Calendar with photos

Finally, calendar templates are added! 2 months in 1 page, put your favorite photos and display on any place you like. Sending out to grandmother and grandfather would be nice too!

Let's make new year's cards with "スマホでカラリオ年賀 2019" application on your smartphone.

You can make both address side and communication side of the new year's card on smartphone application.

スマホでカラリオ年賀 2019

You can download the app from the App Store by Apple Inc. or from Google Play by Google Inc.

Epson Photo+

Epson Photo+ is a computer application for Epson printer owners.

See the following web site for more details.

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