Tanabata Wall Decoration

Tanabata ornaments with design papers. If you cannot prepare a bamboo, print it and put it on a wall. Piggyback to decorate a higher position with children.Let's make a milky way with plenty of stars on the ceiling!

You will need...


  • A4 size design paper
  • A4 or larger paper
  • Thread


  • Scissors or any other cutting instrument
  • Glue
  • Pen
  • Paper punch
  • Scotch tape

How to

1 Let's make a bamboo and bamboo leaves.
  1. Choose greenish color design paper for bamboo trunk and branches.Make the bamboo trunk and branches by rolling the paper or cutting in the shape. When you roll the paper and stick it to the wall, make the wall side straight so that it is easier to stick.
  1. Make bamboo leaves with green color papers.
    To print a plain green paper, go to Epson Creative print, Collage, New and choose any frames.Any frames will do.
  1. Then tap the frame icon on the left below and choose green. Print several greenish colors.
  1. Cut the paper into a leaf shape.
  1. Now the bamboo and bamboo leaves are ready.
2 Next, let's make a paper strips.
  1. Select a horizontal frame in the Epson Creative Print collage.
  1. Tap the frame icon on the left below and choose any designs from Pattern.
  1. You can add some stamps too. Tap the icon that looks like a flower on the right top to choose stamps. Then print it.
  1. Cut the paper into 4 pieces and open a hole on the top with a punch.Attach a string and write your wish on the paper strips.
3 Let's make a star ornament, Vega, a weaving girl and Altair, a cowherd boy and other ornaments.
  1. In the same way, print blue papers and yellow papers. Then cut them into a star shape. Attach a string to hang them.
    For Vega and Altair, use design paper for body, and use stamp or drawing for their faces.Put the body and the face together and its done!
  1. Make paper chains and other ornaments for more decoration.
4 Put everything on the wall.
Gather all the handmade ornaments and put them on the wall and ceiling!

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