Magnetic Fishing Game

Handmade magnetic fishing game using a variety of design paper colors and patterns. Make one with your kids and play together this summer!

You will need...

- Materials: -

  • A4 size design paper
     - One sheet for a fishing rod (cut in half)
     - One sheet for lures (cut into 5 x 5 cm squares)
     - One sheet for fish (cut in half)
     - Six sheets for the sea
     - Three sheets for rocks
     *We recommend using plain paper or super fine paper for the fishing rod, lures, the sea, and rocks.
     *We recommend thick photo matte paper for the fish.
  • Thread
  • Clip
  • Magnet
  • Small round sticker (for fish eyes)

- Tools -

  • Scissors or any other cutting instrument
  • Glue
  • Scotch tape

- Before you start -

  • Make sure you have your design paper ready.
  • Don’t forget, you can print design paper using the smartphone app "Epson Creative Print".

How to

1 Make a fishing rod.
  1. You're going to attach a thread to the design paper cut in half.
    Attach a thread at the bottom edge of the paper with scotch tape.
  2. Roll the paper tightly away from you, and then fix it with scotch tape.
    Cut the thread to a suitable length, tie a knot making a ring at the tip, and your fishing rod is complete!
2 Make a lure.
  1. Prepare a piece of design paper cut into 5 x 5 cm squares, make a crease in the middle, place two paper clips as shown in the image, and then attach them with scotch tape.
    Open one of the paper clips so that it makes a hook.
  2. Apply glue and fold the paper to stick it firmly.
  3. Cut it into a fancy shape, and your lure is complete!
    Hang the hook on the ring at the tip of the fishing rod.
3 Make the fish.
  1. Prepare design paper cut in half, fold it in half, and then cut out a fish shape leaving the folded edge.
  2. Attach a magnet to the back with scotch tape. Attach a small round sticker as an eye, or draw it using a pen.
4 Make the sea and rocks.
  1. Stick together six sheets of design paper for the sea, and fold the four edges to make an octagon. This will be your sea.
  2. Fold the design paper for rocks in half and cut out rock shapes with the folded edge at the top. Make sure you don't cut through this folded edge.
  3. Fold the bottom inward by about 2 cm to make it stand on its own. Make a few and place them around the sea.
5 Place the rocks and fish in your sea, and your fishing game is complete!


It might be fun to print and make something other than fish.
You can make the sea bigger if you’re playing with more people or prepare a variety of shapes for lures. Assigning points to different fish and play against your friends!
Bring your own ideas and make your own fishing game!

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