Pastel Colors Tanabata Ornament

Cute and fluffy Tanabata ornaments have just arrived! Make your own ornaments and then write wishes on tanzaku, small pieces of paper, and hang them to make wishes come true!

You will need...

- Materials: -

  • Pastel colors design paper
  • Thread

- Tools -

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler

- Before you start -

  • Make sure you have your design paper ready in advance.
  • You can print design paper from your printer. You can print more design patterns using the "Epson Creative Print" app.

How to

1 Cut the design paper into 3 x 3 cm squares. Apply glue on the edges of paper to attach the square paper as shown in the image.
2 Cut the longitudinal direction of the A4 size design paper to about 1 cm in width. Then cut it in three equal parts. Apply glue to the edge of the paper and make a loop. Then chain them as shown in the image.
3 Cut the design paper into 4 x 4 cm squares and pile them. Place a thread in the middle of the square paper and staple them as shown in the image. Then Fold in half and spread them out.
It would look better if you print a design on both sides of the paper.
4 Fold the A4 size design paper following the number 1, 2, 3 as shown in the image. Cut the fold line of 1 and 3 to make 2 sheets of square and 2 sheets of rectangle. (The rectangles will be used as Tanzaku)
5 Fold the square in one fourth as shown in the image. Cut the paper at intervals of about 1 cm leaving the bottom space untouched.
6 Unfold the paper. Apply glue on the diagonal stripes parts as shown in the image and attach them alternately.
Then turn over and attach the remaining part. Attach a thread to the upper part of the paper.
7 Attach a thread to the Tanzaku. 。
You can either tape or pass through the knotted thread.

Printing Design Paper

You can choose from 20 pre-installed design paper patterns on the printer.

Getting More Bang From the App!

You can choose from 110 pre-installed design paper patterns using the app for smart devices.

Epson Creative Print

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