The secret of happy family is sharing photo

Dad wants to see kids' growth all the time, but it is sometimes difficult for a busy working dad. In that case, let's show dad the kids' photo which mom takes that posted on "Epson Photo Library"! You'll find a favorite photo and can print special one.

Mom and kids fun outing

Mom wants to take photos of your cute kids in every single moment!

Dad is always working so busy… Why don't you share the kids photo for dad?

Mom updates the photos on the photo library once she gets home!

Mrs. H, from Nagano Prefecture, has a daily routine to upload photos to the photo library.

She uploads the photos between household chores.

Dad always gets home late when kids are dreaming.

It's hard to make more family time for dad, but enjoying kids photo would be dad's relaxing time when home.

Dad enjoys the photos with the tablet uploaded by mom during daytime.

Mom and dad share the family time with watching the photo library.

Happiness time only mom and dad spend together!

Let's try Photo Library

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