Easy and cute! Message Card

Here's how to make easy but cute message card using scrap of the design papers.

You will need...


  • Some scrap of design papers (various patterns)
  • Hagaki (drawing paper)


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pen (e.g. red, black)

Before you start

  • ・Print the design paper in advance.
  • ・You can print the design paper from your printer . The smartphone app "Epson Creative Print" is highly recommended to print a lot more of the patterns.

How to

1 Cut a scrap of your favorite patterned design paper you selected into proper size.
Cut into around 1 cm × 3 cm for small ones, 3 cm × 8 cm for large ones. The shape is based on a rectangle but it would be cute if cut somewhat irregularly.
Scissors:KOKUYO Co.,Ltd. Aero fit
2 Place the cut design paper on Hagaki and paste these from the bottom to top in the long order.
Cute if you paste randomly rather than tidy!
Tape paste : KOKUYO Co.,Ltd. DOT LINER
3 Draw the ribbon with a pen and write messages down in the blank space, and then it's finished!


Also cute if paste one by one separately in the same way.


This is a little elaborate arrangement.
Eye-catching 3D ribbon upgrades your gift card!

How to make a ribbon

You need: design paper (A: 2 cm × 15 cm…1 sheet, B: 1.5 cm × 5 cm…1 sheet) 

  1. Put some glue on the edge of A and paste the edges together as to be a loop.
  2. Paste around the middle together of the loop by pushing lightly.
  3. Fold as a figure 3 at the part pasted.
  4. It is complete by shaping it and wrapping it with B.

Printing Design Paper

You can choose from 20 pre-installed design paper patterns on the printer.

Getting More Bang From the App!

You can choose from 110 pre-installed design paper patterns using the app for smart devices.

Epson Creative Print

You can download the app from the App Store by Apple Inc. or from Google Play by Google Inc.

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