Card Book

This card book is perfect for keeping your special memories and cards together in one place!
You can look back on your memories with this card book.

You will need...


  • A design paper (A4 size)
  • Hagaki-sized thick paper 2 sheets


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Large clip (masking tape)
  • Adhesive bond
  • Fabric adhesive tape

Before you start

  • ・Print the design paper in advance.
  • ・You can print the design paper from your printer . The application "Epson Creative Print" is highly recommended to print a lot more of the patterns.

How to

1 Prepare two sheets of hagaki-sized thick paper, and then pile on thick paper, New Year cards and thick paper in order.
2 Fasten the top and bottom with clips temporarily. Apply adhesive to the back cover part and uniformly extend it.
Please make sure that cards are sorted properly before applying adhesive.
3 Paste the fabric adhesive tape after drying the adhesive.
4 Wind the design paper to make the book shape line as when creating a book cover.
5 Fold the design paper firmly along the fold line of step 4.
6 Open it again, cut along the fold line as figure below, and then stamp or write the year.
  1. Turn it over and fold and paste ① as shown in figure.
  2. Apply glue on the back side of the cover and paste it to the book.
  3. Apply glue on the back side of the back cover and paste it to the book.
Follow the order 1,2 and 3.
8 With the cards standing vertically, fold and paste to the covers as shown in figure.
9 Finish!


Index tabs are useful for arrange the pages by family members.


This is also perfect for keeping business cards without cluttering.

Install the app and fire it up!

Print the design paper

Epson Creative Print

You can download the app from the App Store by Apple Inc. or from Google Play by Google Inc.

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