Petit Envelope Arrangement

This is fun DIY idea to make petit envelope with combination of two patterned paper and handmade noshi.
You can make various types of petit envelopes depending on the arrangement!

You will need...


  • A design paper (A4 size)


  • Scissors
  • Glue

Before you start

  • ・Print the design paper in advance.
  • ・You can print the design paper from your printer . The application "Epson Creative Print" is highly recommended to print a lot more of the patterns.

How to

  1. Fold the A4-sized design paper in half.
  2. Fold into the triangular and crease the arrow part.
  3. Fold as shown in figure 3.
  4. Open the folded paper, and then cut along the fold lines so that you make two rectangles (A) and two squares (B).
Scissors:KOKUYO Co.,Ltd. Aero fit SAXA
2 Make A with different patterned design paper, and pair A with B made in step 1.
3 Fold a little the long side of A as shown in figure below.
4 B on top of A, and then fold these together toward the center.
5 Fold the other side so as to overlap around 1cm, and then fold the top and the bottom around 1.5cm.
6 Open the folded paper and cut the top and the bottom as figure below. Apply glue on the diagonal stripes parts shown in the figure. Paste back sides together first, and then bottom as well.
7 Paste back sides of pocket part together, and then bottom as well.
8 In band type arrangement, fold top and bottom of the paper a little, and then wind it and paste.
9 Finish!
10 You can make easy Noshi with paper around 2.5cm square. Fold as figure and paste it. Point is to shift slightly when folding into triangles.
11 Let's try making various kinds of Noshi!


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It is also useful for sorting care items.

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Print the design paper

Epson Creative Print

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