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Supported Models

Note:The product below may not be available in your country.



EC-C7000 Series

ET-1810 Series

ET-2800 Series, ET-2810 Series, ET-2820 Series, ET-2850 Series

ET-3800 Series, ET-3830 Series, ET-3850 Series

ET-4800 Series, ET-4850 Series

ET-5150 Series, ET-5170 Series, ET-5180 Series, ET-5800 Series, ET-5850 Series, ET-5880 Series

ET-8500 Series, ET-8550 Series

ET-15000 Series, ET-16150 Series, ET-16600 Series, ET-16650 Series, ET-16680 Series

ET-M16600 Series, ET-M16680 Series


L1250 Series

L3250 Series, L3260 Series

L4260 Series

L5290 Series

L6260 Series, L6270 Series, L6290 Series, L6460 Series, L6490 Series, L6550 Series, L6570 Series, L6580 Series

L8160 Series, L8180 Series

L11160 Series, L14150 Series, L15150 Series, L15160 Series, L15180 Series


M15140 Series, M15180 Series


SC-P700 Series, SC-P900 Series

SC-P8500D Series

SC-T7700D Series

SL-D1000 Series

ST-C2100 Series, ST-C4100 Series, ST-C8000 Series, ST-C8090 Series


WF-2810 Series, WF-2820 Series, WF-2830 Series, WF-2840 Series, WF-2850 Series, WF-2870 Series, WF-2880 Series

WF-3820 Series

WF-4820 Series, WF-4830 Series

WF-7310 Series, WF-7820 Series, WF-7830 Series, WF-7840 Series

WF-C4810 Series


XP-2100 Series, XP-2150 Series, XP-3100 Series, XP-3150 Series, XP-4100 Series, XP-4150 Series, XP-5150 Series, XP-8700 Series



DS-570WII , DS-575WII


ES-500WII , ES-580W



* If you are using Epson Creative Print, please update to version 6.2.0 or later.

When using a model of other than above, please use Epson iPrint.